Жовтень 31, 2017
Жовтень 31, 2017
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Negative-Ions Treatment


The patented Dermio Care® Facial treatment relies on highly concentrated negative ions with which surrounding oxygen is enriched. Under the protecting helmet, these ions encounter facial skin. Visible and sensible, each client profits from this relaxing and special treatment. Moreover, it offers protection from harmful environmental influences.

Dermio Care® Facial is an indispensable part of valuable anti-aging treatments (e.g. in mask break). An application takes about 30 minutes. We recommend 10 treatments in the course of one skin regeneration cycle

Did you know?

Science has already detected advantages of negative ions in 1957. At this time, the American biologist A. P. Krueger titled them as “air vitamins”. Hypotheses were proposed, that negative ions had vitalising properties
and that they were able to positively influence breathing, metabolism of cell membranes as well as the
psychological condition of the user

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