Жовтень 31, 2017
Жовтень 31, 2017
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Bottom Lifting for your institute

A new study reveals that 28% of all women from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are dissatisfied with their bottom. In other countries the number is even higher. According to Beauty Doc, in the USA the proportion of surgical operations on the buttocks rose by 86% in 2015. Leading the way are stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or the just 35-year-old Kim Kardashian, who have turned bottom enlargement into a booming industry.
The dream of a beautiful bottom, curvaceous and attractive, can soon become true for many women. In the past anyone who wanted to fill out a bikini bottom or jeans with a pepped up, rounded, perfect shape had to resort to silicone or expensive operations.

Promising: A new, non-invasive cosmetic treatment without scalpel and silicon. The SPM® Bottom Lifting made by Weyergans!

The patented lifting is carried out using special bottom applicators. These are connected via a connecting tube to the SPM® control unit and work with lower pressure (vacuum). Within 45 minutes, your customer will experience visible and noticeable results. Convince yourself!

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